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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 12:01pm-12:31pm EDT

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the government. was due to go roaming the snow doing their job properly looking good in the old obama who want people to wake up otherwise we'll just become slaves to the system who want to be treated as humans and they believe they can make a difference. the government has to change things because they don't have a choice. with greece in shambles and neighboring portugal trashed by the rating agencies spain is facing not just a financial but a deepening social crisis members of the so-called indignant marches say they want their dignity preserved but whether their calls will be heard is another issue even . madrid. although it's more bad news for greece to its credit score has dropped to just one notch above default following last week second to bailout package of rating stride moody's says rejecting the debt implies substantial losses to private
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investors and financial journalist over felt says the rescue package is nothing more that banks pay money to other banks. we're bailing out the banks and we wouldn't be that soft i presume with greece if there wasn't the problem of the french and the german banks not only of these two companies but of course they are the major players if they were in that role or through a greek situation and beat were throwing money at the banks through greece this package will certainly not help the greek economy the greek economy needs growth and since you're in the midst of a very bad recession blige the country bending to increase taxes then throwing some money at it is not the solution greece is now effectively in default because if you calculate on the net present value what private bond holders will given you amount to a value reduction of you come to
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a value reduction of around twenty percent in europe we don't have a political union and we don't we certainly don't have flexible labor markets so from the beginning. there were huge weaknesses in the whole construct of the monetary union in europe and my big surprise is that it has lasted ten years before through this kind of crisis these weaknesses came to the surface on the other side of the ocean that american politicians are still tussling over how to raise the country's debt ceiling a while republicans and democrats argue secretary of state hillary clinton has been trying to calm nervous asian investors that they will meet next week's deadline but economic analyst mark haddock a says it's already too late. united states is essentially bankrupt in any case if they increase the debt ceiling actually as the chinese rating agency dugong has been saying even if they find an agreement and they increase the debt ceiling is going to be as a result more dead so the u.s.
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has thirteen point five trillion of debt and that starts the nominal national debt but it's not even the fiscal gap including all the unfunded liabilities that the united states government actually keeps of the books and if you include this figure re a looking at two hundred trillion us dollar of it's absolutely beyond control and alternately it appears that the united states will be facing a sovereign debt crisis very much along the lines of the so-called pigs the european periphery as well also the other european supposedly stronger countries soviet specter a major major sovereign debt crisis from the major western countries and we suggest that the investor should stay out of the region and look for a look for gold silver commodity is to help protect against what's going to come there's a lot of talk always in the rest of our the dangers of china china's military growing and how much of a risk this poses to asia and the rest of the but if you're looking at how much the
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united states is spending on military versus china it's totally disproportionate the u.s. is spending a lot more the only difference is the u.s. is doing that is borrowed money and they can't afford it so we have to end. well there are still much more to come on the program including whether there is one side of justice on war crimes serving as the last suspect appears at the hague we take a look at why many serbs find the process deeply unfair. and the legal pics from the pharmacy are the reports of the russian addicks painfully killing themselves with a drug store cocktail because it's cheaper than heroin. now the man who's admitted norway's twin that deadly attacks has been charged with terrorism at a closed court hearing in oslo others abbreviate pleaded not guilty saying he wanted to save europe and sent a strong warning signal of thirty two year old a great pick who will be held in isolation for four weeks also claimed there were
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two more cells in the organization he belongs to it's got to they've got a country is still in shock by the bombing of government buildings are slow as the massacre at an eye of the youth camp last friday police have reduced the number of victims to seventy six saying there were problems in gathering information and on monday the nation held a deeply moving minute of silence for those killed in the atrocities investigative journalist the twenty gosling says police may have already been aware of proving. it was interesting the police said they never come across him before the norwegian police but i wonder very much i wonder if the secret service in norway has been watching him because it was very strange that when he was first arrested on friday the police actually called out his name to him now it was very i would be if they would have actually known as they first approached him what his name was i would have thought that from the arrest point that's where the investigation would have
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started from this guy obviously needs to go down if that's what the jury finds and let's make sure that he's not free to roam the streets because what concerns me is some of the right wing terrorists we've had in europe over the last thirty forty years really still are this is from the operation gladio and other similar operations by nato still are walking the streets. investigative journalist tony gosling talking to us there. now five afghan children have been injured in an attack by a british apache helicopter they were working in a field in helmand province on saturday where you could forces were targeting an insurgent on a motorcycle nearby almost fifteen hundred civilians have been killed this year which is already the deadliest since the war started in two thousand and one more with lindsay german for a b. a stop the war coalition thank you very much mr chairman for being on the program now up more a child casualties here as a result of nato operations and we know that that is something that will be lost on
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president karzai who is already livid at a lot of civilian injuries and losses so what other reaction can we expect from this latest incident. well i think it will convince more people in afghanistan the war is helping them but the is that true the killing and injuring more and more people as you said in your introduction the latest un report shows the last six months have been the most deadly since the war in afghanistan started for the civilian. the real problem i think is that we have to make this an issue not just in afghanistan where people are very aware of what is happening but also here in britain where much of business isn't very much for paul two zero zero zero for nato as part of the military coalition in afghanistan they did promise to reduce civilian casualties are received that it's not actually working. well actually the policy of the americans in the last year has been to increase airstrikes and
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therefore the civilian casualties of increased at least in part because of this so isn't working isn't going to work when you have a war where the reserves growing insurgency will be all sorts of people who are victims of this and children are obviously one of the worst of the casualties the only solution to this is the war isn't working it has there is absolutely no justification for the nato forces to be there and that they should withdraw the troops this is now coming up to the tenth anniversary of the war and there is absolutely no question that this war is not getting better it is getting worse ok well whenever there are civilian deaths like this because forces do present the other side of the picture and they do point to successes like killing up to eighty insurgents in a raid last week and fortunate as it is our heavy strikes the only way to root out deep seated militancy i mean how else do you do it. well i think we have to look
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beyond this picture allegedly in two thousand the one the taliban was defeated it was held by the government was overthrown by the initial stage of the war the taliban has now come back very very strong so in a while the whole question about whether you can kill eighty insurgents or anything else you have to ask why of the insurgents who ali why are they there in the first place the whole strategy of handing the country over to the afghan army and police is clearly failing and failing badly so the has to be an honest assessment of what is happening in this war and the honest assessment of what is happening in this war is that fall from ending terrorism fall from brigades of more quickly it has spread to pakistan where there are more and more drone attacks it is a war which has not brought democracy afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and the truth is the nato presence and nato forces on not
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part of the solution well speaking about that the transfer of control there from nato troops to local troops in afghanistan is still far from stable as the troops withdraw so how likely do you think it is to enjoy a return to taliban control and you said earlier that this withdrawal is actually failing. well the taliban have grown in strength the americans are talking to the taliban it is almost certain that whatever settlement eventually comes in afghanistan it will involve the taliban in some capacity nearly everybody now recognizes this so what is the point of continuing this war the point of continuing this war is because the americans and the british and their allies camel admit defeat in the second country all through what happened in iraq but is why they're there they are they in order to prop up a government that they have no real confidence in they all day in order to save their own faces they all they have to protect their interests they're not there to
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protect the ordinary afghans and we've seen this again this way all right thank you very much for your insight families see a german from the stop the war coalition thank you. now the last serbian fugitive wanted by the u.n. war crimes tribunal has appeared in court got on how to face as a fourteen at charges including crimes against humanity during the balkans war and the nine hundred ninety s. surveyed officials hope his arrest will clear the way to e.u. membership but as sara for a report many serbs remain skeptical as to whether it's worth joining at all. so far the tribe you know has indicted one hundred sixty one people and most of days have been serbs and there's been a fair amount of criticism for certainly from the public opinion he he the hague tribunal is acting with political and not necessarily legal in chess there's also strong public opinion here that will say the government very much looks to the west that people have really don't feel anymore like joining the e.u.
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is necessarily going to be and that all their countries interest they only have to look to greece to italy to spain to see that joining the e.u. membership is not the answer to the country's problems in fact in many cases it could quite potentially bring many more and yet it is something that we still see the serbian government really pushing for now a lot of people saying that really they beholden to proselytise wishes they were supported by brussels when this government was put in place they got the parliamentary elections next year and elections the year after that so certainly they're going to be using the arrests and the certainly going to be using the candidacy for the e.u. if that ends up happening as a reason for the public to vote for them now that remain a number of obstacles in the way nonetheless one of those of course is forces that now we know a lot of the member states will be pushing to serbia to acknowledge because there's
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independence as they have here within serbia that is extremely unpopular with the public opinion and we've had to do that for any government to come out and make that agreement would be political suicide all day on a johnstone who's written extensively on the balkans wars they hate court was set up to bring only one side to justice. tribunal that is indeed set up may need to to back the needle gratian of the we're going to start crisis as being the responsibility of a syrian joint criminal enterprise i don't think there will be is more corrupt than other countries that are already and militarily e.u. but i think the thing is is this really in the benefit of the benefit of the search if you listen to what the europeans are saying they're saying up another brutal has been crossed they're not saying less true looks very sane and important production
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and the other hurdles remain namely is that really nation by serbia over the brick off over the problems of kosovo i seem to have missed the carriage of the group that is in power we can call it is backed by the united states in europe in union it is in fact ready to give away everything it can be given away oh it's only a question of how they can formulated in order to get it past the syrian borders. and when the shadow of nine eleven the us embark on a mission to root out terrorists but it led to a network of secret prisons and seizing suspects often without much evidence after years of torment many of those accused have since been released and later we will hear from one former inmate and the brutality he endured. i saw many people got killed on the top. so. i was one of those who survived those kind of torture on myself they used electroshocks because i will not sign papers. i
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sort of i was forced to agree that i am the number of taliban and al qaida and i was not even really i didn't know at the time what used to be when they asked me what i tried to tell you and i said i'm not a number of them and they brought me papers cost me to sign i refused and that's why they thought i can. there for smooth. water treatment it's normal on the water boarding another time i had a chance on my hands. i was hanging on the ceiling that was pulling me on the. floor. so i was hanging real.
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going to sign on when i said no if you just make. up. a watch that interview in full and around fifteen minutes time here on our t.v. or you can catch it right now online at r.t. dot com and there's also more on all the stories we're covering and here's what else you'll discover there today america swaps combat for corporate in iraq the troops are finally leaving but they're being replaced by private contractors ensuring the u.s. grip remains. also getting in the other over the prime minister discounted required a car wash display their devotion to very careful to love of cars it's not the first time a young women have shown support by shouting clothes as we explain it at our dot com. diverse have recovered all the bodies from the russian pleasure boat sank in the volga river two weeks ago out of the two hundred one of
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people on board the ship one hundred twenty two were killed the bulgaria has been raised from the riverbed and has been towed to shallow waters where investigators can piece together the ship's final moments to discover how the tragedy happened only it will then be destroyed to so that no part of it can ever be used again the bulgaria went down in just three minutes only seventy nine people managed to escape . we're going to captains of two vessels that sailed by the sinking ship face criminal charges for passing by without stopping to help. more world news in a brief for you know the syrian government's adopted to allow political parties other than the ruling baath party opposition groups have been banned for almost half a century a multi-party political system is a key demand of the anti-government protesters who have been staging a four month uprising the army is still coming down hard on dissent against the regime detaining scores of people in the capital and its suburbs.
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the new york hotel maid who accuses the former i.m.f. chief of sexually assaulting her has gone public enough he sought to d.l. has told newsweek magazine that she's telling the truth about the attack in may and she wants to see. behind bars. are considering whether to drop the charges against him amid doubts over her credibility. denies all the charges. now hundreds of gay couples got married in new york on sunday the american state has become of the six and most populated to recognize same sex unions or the i do's began at midnight to the cheers and applause of friends and family meanwhile thousands condemned the weddings at rallies across the state. for heroin addicts in russia are turning to a cheaper deadlier alternative and it's ingredients are all too easy to get hold of
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well the drug cocktail is known as crocodile as its main element is the painkiller code in which the government now wants to restrict sales up. ordinary reports of the lethal her car tax increasing use and you may find some of the images upsetting . you know if they call it a crocodile because its users skin turns scaly before it falls off virtually unknown ten years ago it's a mixture of petrol solvents phosphorous and most importantly cheap medicines containing the painkiller code it's now become rich a second most popular drug after heroin which the cheaper and more easily available alternative injecting this lethal cocktail will rot a user's flesh in months most die within three years i have only been using it for two months i wish i never started. the government's come up with a simple solution for now i can still buy being containing drugs off the shelf but
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from next year on words of need a prescription to do that statistics show that nearly half of russians use these drugs on a regular basis the vast majority of them for completely legitimate reasons so in their fight against drugs is the government going too far as and throwing the baby out with the bathwater. coding is sold over the counter in most western countries but its sales have doubled in russia in five years and many say this is not a coincidence i think it was a mistake to start selling coding without a prescription in the first place by making it the most easily available opiate it's born this problem yet expert opinion has been divided some believe that this doesn't do enough to tackle the social causes of addiction and punishes innocent consumers. there is no efficient system in our country for issuing prescriptions so the people who will suffer for the ordinary pensioners and housewives who need those medicines. the drugs then and the moscow suburbs we came here to ask what the
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users themselves think about the new law. i don't believe it would change anything those who want to take drugs will take drugs we will buy them from the right pharmacies and if we don't get them to use something else we will always have something to inject eagar of nerve r.t. moscow all coming up on our team a former guantanamo inmates shares his experience of being a tory as president that ruined his life for us this hour business update with kareena. and i welcome to business ability here in our to thanks for joining me russia's economy looks good the t.t.p. has returned to pre-crisis levels exports and imports are reaching new highs salaries are up and deposits have doubled since the beginning of two thousand and eight have our allies believe it's still too early to celebrate. they call me is no
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longer enjoyed in their area. i mean member budget surplus and current account surplus the budget is now in deficit and my biggest concern is that the government has postponed their normal budget plan in two thousand and fifteen until then the government is still using oil revenues as normally we've heard about fifty percent of budget revenues coming from oil run in their fiscal deficit of three percent is really dangerous for create economic stability now russia is right in a budget surplus but if oil price drops to seventy eighty it will immediately run five seven percent budget deficit. let's look at the markets now oil is declining for the first time in five days that's up there president obama and congress failed to agree on raising the u.s. debt ceiling boosting concern that the government will default like what is trading at ninety nine dollars a barrel and brand is that one hundred eighteen dollars per barrel gold's have
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surged to record highs as investors are seeking safe haven amid debt jitters on global exchanges gold is trading at one thousand six hundred sixteen dollars per ounce and silver at more than forty dollars for. u.s. stocks are lower after congressional leaders failed to agree on a deal to raise the nation's debt limit to avoid default lawmakers hope to reach a compromise on sunday but those talks stalled airline stocks decline after severe cuts to denise's credit ratings raised fears that the u.s. could fall. and european markets are mixed for two years or quarter of a percent lower and the dax is up nearly two point two percent bank stocks lead markets lower in longer lloyds banking group and barclays lost four percent commerzbank down over three and a half percent in frankfurt. and russian markets ended mixed with the r.t.s. closing in the black on them isaac's finishing over a quarter of a percent lower stocks fell by their most in a week in monday's trading with energy majors the main drag on the. i mean crude
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oil stocks were down during the day finishing high at the close roster like almost like the pattern in the markets the stock fluctuating on its own the past couple of weeks ignoring market trends and following that bull was up two percent as a gold mine enjoys yet another record high price because. today we've seen most financial indicators to read and some pass some is involved a u.s. debt deal with the lawmakers do not treat any agreement here so basically we see oil trading in the ground around one hundred seventy in. major european indices or rather i was c. s. and p. futures trading minus ten points in comparison to the friday's close so everyone is waiting for some news about the us dept plan to wise to assume financials be a lot of pressure with those better buying can pretty be underperforming the market last week we've also seen some do some movement on a roll call of which were among the top performance of the market also russian oil
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majors live cross now after a lukewarm performance battleground for instance gas problem. the wheels have started turning in a joint venture between time maker of pirelli and russian technologies they've bought of time factory from natural chemical giants the deal is worth around two hundred million dollars the plant has a capacity of seven million times a year partners want to boost their production capacity by fifty percent through further acquisitions the joint venture is expected to earn five hundred million euros by two thousand and fourteen and to get a fifth of the russian market. at that business update by this hour but remember do log on to our website r.t. dot com slash business from last.
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the. machine would be soo much brighter than if you knew about the sun move from funds to pressure in some. stunts on t.v. don't come.
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back here's a recap of today's main stories here on r.t. thousands of spanish demonstrators are venting their fury and patricia over soaring unemployment at the government's handling of the struggling economy the protesters accuse their leaders of being dictated to by frost holes and the. instead of focusing on people's needs. all across the atlantic america is rushing to reassure its nervous investors that it can to stave off an ever and default that's even though the president and legislators continue to squabble over
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how to lift the fourteen trillion dollar debt limit. norway falls silent to remember the victims of the all slow bombing of the massacre at an island youth camp police have reduced the number killed in the twin terrorist attacks to seventy six saying there were difficulties of gathering information after graham bridge. we're going talk of obey continues to wreck lives despite president obama's pledge to shut the notorious prison many detainees released without charge have shed light on what goes on there and artie's spoke to one a former prisoner who says the u.s. hasn't even given a simple apology for his years of torment that interview next. united states held. them obey detention camp for five years before releasing him without charge mr could that's have you ever been given an apology or an explanation by the
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americans. and they did not what's even i don't thing that they are going to apologize for you were arrested in pakistan in two thousand and one why were you there here in germany i saw the group it's called jamaat to be helping. young people who have problems with drugs or homeless people who has problems at all they always come from pakistan they have their own fault eighty million members it's i thing the biggest group and they are nonpolitical and they are against war of course and they also hate and by taliban because they are against war but. when i went to pakistan i went to that to their school of jamaat to be they have each year i guess between thirty and forty solvent .


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